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Ok, lets get to this. I’ve neglected this blog even when I said I wouldn’t. But I didn’t really think you’d all want me moaning about work and how it’s such a bitch. See, that’s all that has really happened to me as of late. I started off this year hoping that things at work […]

Office Politics


How was everyone’s holidays? Mine were good and I can’t wait for my three day weekend for New Year’s. Mark came round and it was lovely to spend the time with him and not have to worry about all the things that have been floating around my head recently. Things at work are still a […]

A quick one!


Just a real quick post, Friday was my Christmas party for work and I was really looking forward to. To getting glammed up and showing off my ever decreasing body in my new dress. And this I did, with a few admiring glances from some men from other work parties and I was told by […]

I had every right to be worried about going in to work last Monday – it was terrible. We barely spoke, but things soon came to a head and on Thursday there was a massive bust up involving us two plus one of our bosses. In the end I was sent home because I was […]



I’m not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, in fact I’m rather nervous about it. Not just because of the time I’ve had off sick or not knowing quite what I’ll have left to do on my return. But the dynamics of the office have completely changed since I had that bust […]

Giant Cupcake


I’m thinking that this looks rather delicious! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I’ve been on leave from work and haven’t really got up to much. I still went to college and had my hands ravaged by the fibreglass tips which I took straight off again on Thursday night. One nail has […]

And on we go


I can’t wait until I have my week off on 2 November. Just three weeks away now. I so need it! Being in the office is unbearable and frustrating. The boss is still acting strange, I’ve tried my best with her but have admitted defeat and just can’t try anymore with her. Unfortunately just as […]