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So, I’ve taken it upon myself to be tagged by SleepyJane. And in her words “Complete the sentence… I’m given a start so I just have to fill it in.” I am: Bored. I think: I want something to eat. I know: I need a shower. I have: Blonde hair. I wish: I had more […]

Happy Easter people! Did you all have a good one? Myself? Well, a nice long 4 day weekend and it was spent spring cleaning my bedroom (with the aid of my mum due to the shoulder problems) and I’m really happy I we did it. I have spare shelves. And I mean they have absolutely […]



So, I took it upon myself to be tagged by SleepyJane and decided to give it a go: What is your occupation? General office gopher. What are you listening to right now? Nothing. I’m in the mood for some quiet time. Can you drive a stick shift? Of course. If you were a crayon, what […]

Picture meme


For a couple of days I’ve wanted to do this picture meme I’ve stolen from Sleepyjane but I didn’t have time. Now I do, so here it goes: Answer all the questions with Google images. My first car: Daewoo Lanos. This is actually the only car I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it a few years […]