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So cold!


This weekend Mark and I didn’t see each other, so I have been having a play with my nail art colours for my college. See my beauty blog for some pictures! I’ve also been just chilling out and trying to make myself feel a bit more human. I haven’t been feeling unwell, just not quite […]



There has obviously got to be a reason why I’ve been MIA in the past few days, and it’s not because I’m neglecting this blog. Far from it. The reason posts have been few and far between? This: So the reason is all of my nail equipment to allow me to do this course. I’ve […]

Credit So it looks like I will be enrolling in this course in the next couple of weeks. Thursday I went to an open day and had a chat with one of the tutors, who was very friendly and filled me in on everything I needed to know. The course is going to run for […]



Firstly let me just say how bloody tired I am. Last night I just could not get to sleep, try as I might my eyelids would just not close. I think I last look at the clock at about 1am before I finally dozed off! Anyway, enough of me ranting on about my black circles […]

It makes me sound so old! So, have you all recovered from the shock of finally seeing me? Good! I have posted another video up, a very short one, about what I’m about to write. I don’t know if any of you are Youtubers, but if you are and you want to, add me! I […]

Stop! Call back the search party! I am here; I’ve just been a bit distracted as of late. I probably shouldn’t say what with because I will hear all sniggers and giggles. I can practically here them already! I have a few updates from last week, so lets begin with them. I am still training […]