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The boss thinks I don’t do anything at work. That I have lots of slack time, and probably just sit around filing my nails. How can I prove to a complete and utter bastard that I’m not like that, that I work bloody hard and I’m not as thick as he thinks? I’m tempted to […]

Must do better. I admit it, I’ve been lazy and just not bothered to update because there isn’t anything to say. Well not much. Same old, same old over here. Apart from I somehow managed to answer my phone in my sleep last night and speak to Mark, none of which I remember! Senile dementia […]

So, I was right. I went shopping and didn’t find any clothes I liked to use my vouchers and I didn’t find a car. Maybe I’m being too picky. I know exactly the colour, style, reg and everything that I want. So basically if I want my car then I’ll have to buy a new […]

Short week


Hey, don’t yell at me. I don’t know where the week went, I never got round to looking at any blogs or even writing in my own. Overtime is causing havoc with my body and mind. It’s getting too much and the boss stands behind my boss and I cracking the whip. It’s only going […]

Planning ahead


Ok, let’s see. What’s happened? Not much. I spent the weekend with Mark after a gruesome week at work. It doesn’t get any better and with talks of the New Girl being sacked after her probation, things just aren’t looking up. I’m going to book my holiday soon. I’ve still got 15 days left and […]

I’m slacking on my posts, but I still don’t have much to write about. This week is a Bank Holiday weekend, which I’m loving as I’ll be spending it with Mark. He’s coming to get me tomorrow morning, we’ll do a little shopping and we may go to watch The Dark Knight in the evening […]

All I seem to do is work, sleep, eat, work sleep, eat. See there’s a pattern forming there? I’m sick to death with my job. I’m constantly busy, running round like a headless chicken and I barely have time to do my work let alone pee. Fed up and bored do not express my feelings […]