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I didn’t get to watch any Vin Diesel in the end. Instead I got to see Mark open and enjoy his presents (early) and then he spent hours playing Rock Band with his Guitar Hero guitar. This guy has some serious co-ordination. I haven’t even attempted it yet because I know how clumsy I can […]

The weekend wasn’t all that great for me. It didn’t start well. Mark was very late arriving and because I’d been at the gym in the evening I was feeling tired and hungry. Knowing there was chinese in the kitchen waiting for Mark didn’t exactly help. Saturday was Dad’s birthday. We gave him his present […]

So, I didn’t get to watch a movie this weekend. Instead I watch the first three episodes of Being Human. And now I can’t watch anymore because BBC iPlayer doesn’t have them uploaded. Only the first three (which I would have thought would have long gone and be replaced with the final few episodes!). Which […]



Thank God it’s Friday. I don’t think I could have coped with another day in the week. I am absolutely shattered, starving hungry. And my bum hurts. I get to see Mark tomorrow though, so that’s great. It’ll be all snuggles and warmth for me. I miss him like mad when I don’t get to […]

It went way too fast! Friday I received my new laptop. Yep, that’s right. I’m writing this on my brand-spanking new HP. Gorgeous. All set up, but I still have a few bits and pieces to copy over from my previous laptop so I guess I’ll end up doing that tonight. Saturday we ended up […]

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I’ve been slacking again, haven’t I? To be honest, I’ve been so tired from working 10+ hours a day that when I get home the last thing I want to do is update here, but today I got home earlier and had some time to chill and… I’m here! Work has been odd the last […]