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Stop! Call back the search party! I am here; I’ve just been a bit distracted as of late. I probably shouldn’t say what with because I will hear all sniggers and giggles. I can practically here them already! I have a few updates from last week, so lets begin with them. I am still training […]

What happens if you start losing a loyalty you have gained over the past two years? How do you ever find out what you are meant to do in life? When do you realise what you are meant to do? Will there ever be a time when you are just happy being you? Are you […]

Be warned – it’s a long one! I’ve been thinking a lot today, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are lots of things I didn’t really know about myself… until now. You know those times when you have nothing better to do than stare out of the window, daydream and just think. Today […]

101 in 1001


Since I’ve been loitering around a few blogs recently, I’ve noticed that many have started a 101 in 1001 days list. And now I’ve been inspired to start my own. It all started off at Day Zero and the trend has caught on. Not only is wishcake doing this, but Steph and Morgan too. I […]



Imagine my surprise when I logged on today and found out the lovely Leetid has left a comment saying she’s given me an award. Such a darling! In order to receive this award I have to list 7 things I love then pass it on to 7 blogs I love. 1. Gadgets. Laptop, mobile phone, […]

Happiness is…


Happiness is… Looking down at my ring finger and seeing my stunning engagement ring and feeling so very loved. Peering out of the window and seeing the sun shining and daffodils in bloom. Blindly stumbling through life and following a path full of unexpected twists and turns. Spending time with those who love you unconditionally. […]

1. I used to be a complete beauty junkie. I have probably owned every lotion and potion you could ever think of. I’m not so bad nowadays, although I think my obsession is slowly coming back. 2. My middle name is Amy. I’m not sure if I like it all that much. 3. I have […]