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New Beginnings


Wow, has it really been nearly a month of me blogging? Sorry! This post has been a long time coming and is really needed at this moment in time. I’ve been through a lot this year and I’ve managed to work through a lot of things and now I feel I am at a turning […]

So I’ve been thinking about how much I have changed in the last year and I realise now how far I’ve come. Not only have I grown up from that 25 year old, I’ve matured in so many other areas too. I’ve taken control of my life for what feels like the first time. I’ve […]

How many more times am I going to let myself be treated like a fool? It’s happened so often you would think I have MUG written on my forehead in large letters. I stupidly told the girl who is off on maternity leave that I was looking for another job, I also mentioned that the […]



I’m going through a time where I feel the need to change my career. I’m really not enjoying where I am working anymore, things have changed and they aren’t going to get any better. So I need your advice. I have created a poll with a few ideas of jobs I want/could do and I’d […]

That will be my dying wish! I seem to be going through a bit of a hormone imbalance at the minute. My skin has really flared up and has become blotchy, red and quite spotty mainly on my cheeks and neck. I thought being in my mid-twenties would have stopped these sudden break outs but […]



Thank you all for your lovely comments. I’ve been feeling better over the past few of days even though the doctor said I won’t probably feel different for a couple of weeks. I think it may be more the relief that I’m now getting help and trying to find a way out of this hole. […]

Confession Time


I’m having some serious issues with myself at the minute. As you can probably tell. After speaking to a colleague at work (and to the boss, but that’s a whole different story!) I got thinking and realised that I’ve been downright unhappy for the best part of this year. It’s been a real noticable change. […]