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Merry Christmas everyone!! ♥ Advertisements

Missing it


This time last year I had been to New York, I’d got engaged and I’d seen the Christmas lights around Manhatten. And I miss it all. I want to go back.

I’m guessing that because of my absence with blog posts, you have all assumed I’m dead? Well, surprise! I’m not. No, I’m just having a week off work and have been spending my time catching up on things and being with Mark. Currently I’m over at his house enjoying not getting up so early, late […]

It makes me sound so old! So, have you all recovered from the shock of finally seeing me? Good! I have posted another video up, a very short one, about what I’m about to write. I don’t know if any of you are Youtubers, but if you are and you want to, add me! I […]

I’m looking forward to this weekend as I’ve booked leave for the Monday and Tuesday which I’ll spend with Mark. So I’ve got a lovely long 4 day weekend which I intend to make the most of. On Saturday before Mark arrives here I’m going to pop around the bosses house and she’s going to […]

My own beat


The second day of our three day weekend and I’m up already. What’s happened to the lie-ins you are supposed to have on these days? We were up early yesterday too, neither of us can seem to sleep. I’m definitely having trouble. I haven’t had a full nights sleep all week. I’m either dying for […]



Last week was really good. Spending time with Mark and away from work really allowed me to re-evaluate a lot and think a few things over. I needed that break, a chance to recap and decide if things really mattered all that much. I feel I’ve come back a completely different person. I know things […]