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Ok, lets get to this. I’ve neglected this blog even when I said I wouldn’t. But I didn’t really think you’d all want me moaning about work and how it’s such a bitch. See, that’s all that has really happened to me as of late. I started off this year hoping that things at work […]

New Beginnings


Wow, has it really been nearly a month of me blogging? Sorry! This post has been a long time coming and is really needed at this moment in time. I’ve been through a lot this year and I’ve managed to work through a lot of things and now I feel I am at a turning […]

I had every right to be worried about going in to work last Monday – it was terrible. We barely spoke, but things soon came to a head and on Thursday there was a massive bust up involving us two plus one of our bosses. In the end I was sent home because I was […]

I’ll admit I’m a slacker. Work has been odd and a little manic. I’ve got next week off (yay!) but I’m off today as I’m poorly. I feel like I may have the beginning of the flu, I’m aching all over and generally feeling kind of gross! This weekend because I wasn’t feeling up to […]



I’ve been ill the past few days, hence my absence. At the beginning of the week it felt like I had a cold coming. Tickly throat, stuffy but running nose. Then it landed on my chest yesterday, so I ended up coming home from work with a cough and the constant feeling as if I […]

Ok, ok. I’ve done it again. I’ve been slack with my posts, but I do have a reason. I’ve been feeling really tired lately and at my usual monthly check up with my doctor for the anti-depressants I mentioned it. She’s not sure if it could be a reaction to the tablets or whether I […]