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And on we go


I can’t wait until I have my week off on 2 November. Just three weeks away now. I so need it! Being in the office is unbearable and frustrating. The boss is still acting strange, I’ve tried my best with her but have admitted defeat and just can’t try anymore with her. Unfortunately just as […]

Weight loss


I’ve lost another 3lbs in the past two weeks! Bringing my total down to 10lbs overall. Go me!

Stop! Call back the search party! I am here; I’ve just been a bit distracted as of late. I probably shouldn’t say what with because I will hear all sniggers and giggles. I can practically here them already! I have a few updates from last week, so lets begin with them. I am still training […]

I’m looking forward to this weekend as I’ve booked leave for the Monday and Tuesday which I’ll spend with Mark. So I’ve got a lovely long 4 day weekend which I intend to make the most of. On Saturday before Mark arrives here I’m going to pop around the bosses house and she’s going to […]

1 Year


Can you believe that yesterday it was a year since I started at the gym?

So much to do


So, it’s already Wednesday hey? Where has this week gone? I had a really good weekend. Mark came around on Saturday and I kicked off my diet by joining Weight Watchers online. So now I’m doing that diet and I haven’t had much trouble so far. I know it’s only a few days in but […]

Buns of steel


I’ve just come back from another torturous hour with the personal trainer at the gym. I swear he is trying to kill me! I know I’ve said that I need to lose weight, but I also need to be able to breathe. After doing so many routines which involve over 120 squats my bum has […]