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Office Politics


How was everyone’s holidays? Mine were good and I can’t wait for my three day weekend for New Year’s. Mark came round and it was lovely to spend the time with him and not have to worry about all the things that have been floating around my head recently. Things at work are still a […]

Missing it


This time last year I had been to New York, I’d got engaged and I’d seen the Christmas lights around Manhatten. And I miss it all. I want to go back.

Hot Chocolate week is upon us! Running from November 16-22 2009, what better excuse do you need to take some time out and enjoy a gorgeous hot chocolate drink?

Giant Cupcake


I’m thinking that this looks rather delicious! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I’ve been on leave from work and haven’t really got up to much. I still went to college and had my hands ravaged by the fibreglass tips which I took straight off again on Thursday night. One nail has […]

Did you get caught up in the hype for the limited edition free scarf? Giles Deacon teamed up with Cadbury and designed a scarf for the new Cadbury Nibbles range that has recently come out. I was among the lucky few who managed to bag a ‘Nibbles’ scarf for free. If you don’t already know, […]

Coffee Art


As I’m still off and very, very bored I’ve been looking at completely random things on Youtube. Then I found this. I think the dog is just too cute!

So cold!


This weekend Mark and I didn’t see each other, so I have been having a play with my nail art colours for my college. See my beauty blog for some pictures! I’ve also been just chilling out and trying to make myself feel a bit more human. I haven’t been feeling unwell, just not quite […]