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I’ll admit I’m a slacker. Work has been odd and a little manic. I’ve got next week off (yay!) but I’m off today as I’m poorly. I feel like I may have the beginning of the flu, I’m aching all over and generally feeling kind of gross! This weekend because I wasn’t feeling up to […]

And on we go


I can’t wait until I have my week off on 2 November. Just three weeks away now. I so need it! Being in the office is unbearable and frustrating. The boss is still acting strange, I’ve tried my best with her but have admitted defeat and just can’t try anymore with her. Unfortunately just as […]

Square Eyes


I keep forgetting to mention that the lovely fiance bought me, as a late birthday present, the second series of Gossip Girl, so over the weekend I managed to get in a couple of episodes and he even watched it with me! We also watched Poseidon the weekend before and I got to watch 17 […]

I am so cold! And have been all day. I can’t believe it’s only the 5th October and I’m already imaging wool scarves, gloves and hats. Warm boots and layers and jumpers. Hot chocolate and log fires. Snuggling under blankets and thick socks and mittens. I love winter and the coldness it brings, the crisp […]

Weekend Movies


We only managed to get round to watching to films this weekend. Not that I mind, we have plenty to get through and I love watching films so it’s all good. First up there was Lesbian Vampire Killers on Saturday night. A film Mark wanted to watch and I ended up paying for. It wasn’t […]



I’ve been busy this week, watching A LOT of films! What else is a good lazy holiday for? We ended up watching a few that were on the tv and also a few DVDs we hadn’t yet watched. Watchmen, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Pineapple Express Punisher: War Zone, How to Lose a Guy in […]

So, tomorrow is Wednesday. My Monday. Three days at work and then back at Mark’s again. Yippee! Those two days passed very quickly though and I can’t believe that they are over already. Saturday was a really good day. I went round to my friends house and met my other friend and her baby. I […]