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Giant Cupcake


I’m thinking that this looks rather delicious! Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I’ve been on leave from work and haven’t really got up to much. I still went to college and had my hands ravaged by the fibreglass tips which I took straight off again on Thursday night. One nail has […]

So cold!


This weekend Mark and I didn’t see each other, so I have been having a play with my nail art colours for my college. See my beauty blog for some pictures! I’ve also been just chilling out and trying to make myself feel a bit more human. I haven’t been feeling unwell, just not quite […]

I am so cold! And have been all day. I can’t believe it’s only the 5th October and I’m already imaging wool scarves, gloves and hats. Warm boots and layers and jumpers. Hot chocolate and log fires. Snuggling under blankets and thick socks and mittens. I love winter and the coldness it brings, the crisp […]



There has obviously got to be a reason why I’ve been MIA in the past few days, and it’s not because I’m neglecting this blog. Far from it. The reason posts have been few and far between? This: So the reason is all of my nail equipment to allow me to do this course. I’ve […]