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Credit So it looks like I will be enrolling in this course in the next couple of weeks. Thursday I went to an open day and had a chat with one of the tutors, who was very friendly and filled me in on everything I needed to know. The course is going to run for […]



Firstly let me just say how bloody tired I am. Last night I just could not get to sleep, try as I might my eyelids would just not close. I think I last look at the clock at about 1am before I finally dozed off! Anyway, enough of me ranting on about my black circles […]

Shopping Trip!


I went shopping yesterday – naughty me! Since being off ill, I seemed to spend a stupid amount of money on items and I still had to go a blow more yesterday. But I promise I didn’t actually spend that much thanks to my Boots advantage card which I made full use of. In the […]

It makes me sound so old! So, have you all recovered from the shock of finally seeing me? Good! I have posted another video up, a very short one, about what I’m about to write. I don’t know if any of you are Youtubers, but if you are and you want to, add me! I […]

Ok, ok. I’ve done it again. I’ve been slack with my posts, but I do have a reason. I’ve been feeling really tired lately and at my usual monthly check up with my doctor for the anti-depressants I mentioned it. She’s not sure if it could be a reaction to the tablets or whether I […]

Stop! Call back the search party! I am here; I’ve just been a bit distracted as of late. I probably shouldn’t say what with because I will hear all sniggers and giggles. I can practically here them already! I have a few updates from last week, so lets begin with them. I am still training […]