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New Beginnings


Wow, has it really been nearly a month of me blogging? Sorry! This post has been a long time coming and is really needed at this moment in time. I’ve been through a lot this year and I’ve managed to work through a lot of things and now I feel I am at a turning […]

I had every right to be worried about going in to work last Monday – it was terrible. We barely spoke, but things soon came to a head and on Thursday there was a massive bust up involving us two plus one of our bosses. In the end I was sent home because I was […]



I’m not really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, in fact I’m rather nervous about it. Not just because of the time I’ve had off sick or not knowing quite what I’ll have left to do on my return. But the dynamics of the office have completely changed since I had that bust […]

There really is no pleasing some people! Today has been a real weird day. My boss and I had words where she thinks I said something with “such venom” in my voice and it was taken the wrong way. We’ve hardly spoken to each other all day. Apparently I have changed a lot in the […]

The weekend wasn’t all that great for me. It didn’t start well. Mark was very late arriving and because I’d been at the gym in the evening I was feeling tired and hungry. Knowing there was chinese in the kitchen waiting for Mark didn’t exactly help. Saturday was Dad’s birthday. We gave him his present […]



Last week was really good. Spending time with Mark and away from work really allowed me to re-evaluate a lot and think a few things over. I needed that break, a chance to recap and decide if things really mattered all that much. I feel I’ve come back a completely different person. I know things […]

It’s been all fun and games over here in the first few days of my holiday! Ok, well it hasn’t but I felt the need to sound like I was having the most exciting time ever. Don’t want you thinking I’m a bored old woman in this part of the world! Seriously though, I’ve loved […]