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This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a little while. Something I’m excited to finally have done and something I’m incredibly proud of myself for. Yes, I have finally managed to grow out my nails. Again. Not the greatest photo! Now if only I could learn to paint them with gorgeous colours such […]



Last week was really good. Spending time with Mark and away from work really allowed me to re-evaluate a lot and think a few things over. I needed that break, a chance to recap and decide if things really mattered all that much. I feel I’ve come back a completely different person. I know things […]

To start of the completion of items on my list we have my first one. I obviously had to start this before I even posted the list up, but believe me even 40 days ago it was a work in progress. It’s so hard to think of things to try and make you a better […]

101 in 1001


Since I’ve been loitering around a few blogs recently, I’ve noticed that many have started a 101 in 1001 days list. And now I’ve been inspired to start my own. It all started off at Day Zero and the trend has caught on. Not only is wishcake doing this, but Steph and Morgan too. I […]