All over


So I just wanted to update this and let everyone know that I’m now out of that hell hole I called work. I handed my resignation in and yesterday was my last day, even though I wasn’t actually working there because I was still signed off sick (six weeks of anxiety!).

The mad woman had packed all of my belongings up and shoved them in a box in a cupboard, she had got rid of any evidence I was even there. My desk had gone, my computer had been moved and all of my items had been split between her and the new girl, so I really felt like I was wanted didn’t I?!

Today I woke up feeling like a brand new person, a new day and a new me.

I’m still contemplating trying to get some work in a salon because I agree with everyone who has said that I am worth so much more than admin and that admin isn’t necessarily what I should be doing. Looking back over my past jobs, there has always been a bit of jealousy on my colleagues part that I got things done and was liked by everyone, then they made my life hell.

I always thought I was a reasonably nice person, but what have I done to deserve all this negativity towards me?

So there you go. I’m officially unemployed and not earning any money but I’m already on the look out for new areas to try my hand at.

Wish me luck.


5 Responses to “All over”

  1. 1 Cindy

    Good luck in your job search and I am so glad that YOU feel better about the decision. Life’s too short that’s for sure!

  2. 2 beccasfamilyof5

    Good luck with job hunting but I really don’t think you can do any worse than that place. They just seem to be so full of shit there and I think you ended up with the raw end of the deal. I still don’t think the office environment is the best place for you as it just seems so full of “cliques” and a huge amount of cattiness. Hang in there and DO give new things a try, you might like them.

  3. Thank you you lovely ladies. I really do want to try new things, it’s just finiding them that’s the hard part!

  4. 4 Maxxy

    Well Done. Good for you for having the courage of your convictions and getting rid of something that was seriously dragging you down.

    I KNOW that whatever you find next will be far more enjoyable and rewarding than the shit you’ve been through there.

    Good Luck, ( even though I know you’ll do ok, a little luck never hurt anyone… )

  5. Thanks Maxxy. You made me smile… 🙂

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