A quick one!


Just a real quick post, Friday was my Christmas party for work and I was really looking forward to. To getting glammed up and showing off my ever decreasing body in my new dress. And this I did, with a few admiring glances from some men from other work parties and I was told by my gorgeous boyfriend and also my beautiful mate that I looked fantastic and beautiful and everything else a girl wants to hear. And I felt like I was all those things.

Then the shit hit the fan. We got to the event, being held in a marquee, and basically all of my work colleagues (except that one friend!) ignored me. At first I tried to hold conversations with people but eventually they stopped answering me so I just gave up!!

So it was a dreadful end to a dreadful night. I cried, I whined and I wouldn’t dance because I thought everyone would laugh at me, I probably shouldn’t have worried – I don’t even think they knew who I was!

I hope everyone else has far more fun at their Christmas parties!


5 Responses to “A quick one!”

  1. I am so sorry that you didn’t have fun at your Christmas party… Please keep smiling and have a Merry Christmas!

  2. 2 Gena

    I’m not a fan of work Christmas parties, at least the boring kind where you simply show up, get blotto (drunk) and stumble home later after making an idiot of yourself. I prefer the ones with some mystery and imagination, like Murder Mystery parties that you have to dress up for.

    I’m so sorry your one was a bit of flop, I can’t imagine how that must of felt having mostly everyone ignore you, but on the plus side you looked fabulous (cuz i take your word on it) so I guess they were all just jealous of that, eh?

  3. 3 beccasfamilyof5

    Oh hun, I hope next year is better for all of us.

  4. 4 Maxxy

    I haven’t been to a works Christmas party for years. I’m not good at parties. I am the one who sits in the corner, doesn’t ever dance, and doesn’t really talk to anybody. So I save myself the grief and don’t bother. Also the last few years the party is in London, and I just can’t be bothered getting there and getting back, plus the missus isn’t invited to the works party.

    This year we did however have an office lunch, with the three of us, which was nice.

  5. Aww… I’m sorry you had to go through that. I ditched my Christmas party – it was in the office during office hours and I didn’t even go. I hate office parties mainly because I’m deaf and do not feel like trying my hardest to understand everyone and make conversations.

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