The week’s round up


I had every right to be worried about going in to work last Monday – it was terrible. We barely spoke, but things soon came to a head and on Thursday there was a massive bust up involving us two plus one of our bosses.

In the end I was sent home because I was upset and had barely slept for the week so I was told to go home and rest up that afternoon and my boss would be given a talking to. Half an hour after arriving home, I was given a call by my boss asking to see me after college so we could talk. I went round (full of the beginnings of a cold) and we seemed to settle things.

Whatever she says, I’m still not going to be trusting her 100% and I think there will always be parts of me which will remain closed off from her which usually wouldn’t be. I feel that as I’m growing as a person I don’t want so much on show for her to pick at and pull apart. It’s ok for me to keep a bit of me private, isn’t it?

Anyway, I stayed off from work on Friday since my cold started coming out and I didn’t want to spread it around the office anymore than it already was. Yesterday I had a really sore throat and found swallowing and talking difficult. Today I’ve had tissues at the ready and a very sore and runny nose and I don’t think an hour can pass me by without sneezing around 20 times! My face is swollen and I currently have hamster cheeks and aching teeth.

Tomorrow is looking set to be a fun one. There’s only me in from the admin side and I’m not going to be feeling great. The good news is that the boss won’t be in all week and by the time she gets back I’ll only have 5 more work days until my next weeks annual leave!


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