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Did you get caught up in the hype for the limited edition free scarf? Giles Deacon teamed up with Cadbury and designed a scarf for the new Cadbury Nibbles range that has recently come out. I was among the lucky few who managed to bag a ‘Nibbles’ scarf for free. If you don’t already know, […]

Coffee Art


As I’m still off and very, very bored I’ve been looking at completely random things on Youtube. Then I found this. I think the dog is just too cute!

I’ll admit I’m a slacker. Work has been odd and a little manic. I’ve got next week off (yay!) but I’m off today as I’m poorly. I feel like I may have the beginning of the flu, I’m aching all over and generally feeling kind of gross! This weekend because I wasn’t feeling up to […]

So cold!


This weekend Mark and I didn’t see each other, so I have been having a play with my nail art colours for my college. See my beauty blog for some pictures! I’ve also been just chilling out and trying to make myself feel a bit more human. I haven’t been feeling unwell, just not quite […]

And on we go


I can’t wait until I have my week off on 2 November. Just three weeks away now. I so need it! Being in the office is unbearable and frustrating. The boss is still acting strange, I’ve tried my best with her but have admitted defeat and just can’t try anymore with her. Unfortunately just as […]



Square Eyes


I keep forgetting to mention that the lovely fiance bought me, as a late birthday present, the second series of Gossip Girl, so over the weekend I managed to get in a couple of episodes and he even watched it with me! We also watched Poseidon the weekend before and I got to watch 17 […]