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Stop! Call back the search party! I am here; I’ve just been a bit distracted as of late. I probably shouldn’t say what with because I will hear all sniggers and giggles. I can practically here them already! I have a few updates from last week, so lets begin with them. I am still training […]

Help Wanted! Can anyone find me one of these for sale? These used to be sold on QVC but they have been discontinued and although I’ve scoured the internet I have not found any for sale. The top section has adequate room for 32 nail polishes while the bottom drawer for the rest of your […]

Pink Princess


I promise I’m not going to go all beauty buff on you. Unless you want me to…? But I thought I’d add a couple of pictures of my nails painted with one of my new purchases. Excuse the quality of the photos… but without further ado, here are my nails in Warwick Avenue by Nails […]



I’m going through a time where I feel the need to change my career. I’m really not enjoying where I am working anymore, things have changed and they aren’t going to get any better. So I need your advice. I have created a poll with a few ideas of jobs I want/could do and I’d […]

So, tomorrow is Wednesday. My Monday. Three days at work and then back at Mark’s again. Yippee! Those two days passed very quickly though and I can’t believe that they are over already. Saturday was a really good day. I went round to my friends house and met my other friend and her baby. I […]

I’m looking forward to this weekend as I’ve booked leave for the Monday and Tuesday which I’ll spend with Mark. So I’ve got a lovely long 4 day weekend which I intend to make the most of. On Saturday before Mark arrives here I’m going to pop around the bosses house and she’s going to […]

This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a little while. Something I’m excited to finally have done and something I’m incredibly proud of myself for. Yes, I have finally managed to grow out my nails. Again. Not the greatest photo! Now if only I could learn to paint them with gorgeous colours such […]