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Like old times


I just want to be happy again. Advertisements

I didn’t get to watch any Vin Diesel in the end. Instead I got to see Mark open and enjoy his presents (early) and then he spent hours playing Rock Band with his Guitar Hero guitar. This guy has some serious co-ordination. I haven’t even attempted it yet because I know how clumsy I can […]

My own beat


The second day of our three day weekend and I’m up already. What’s happened to the lie-ins you are supposed to have on these days? We were up early yesterday too, neither of us can seem to sleep. I’m definitely having trouble. I haven’t had a full nights sleep all week. I’m either dying for […]

I won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say work is dull and sometimes chaotic. Other times I sit there and practically twiddle my thumbs. Home isn’t all that great either. The time flies by and I still haven’t done half of the things I need to do. Hence the lack of updates, […]

Be Natural


There’s just something about the little bird shoes that makes me smile everytime I watch this advert. So sweet.

What happens if you start losing a loyalty you have gained over the past two years? How do you ever find out what you are meant to do in life? When do you realise what you are meant to do? Will there ever be a time when you are just happy being you? Are you […]

Buxom Beauty


I’ve been doing a sift through my wardrobe and realised that most of my clothes are baggy, shapeless and make me look like a boy! When I say sift I mean a general browse in the direction of my very cramped (mostly unworn) clothes for I am far too lazy to actually clear the ratty […]