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So, I didn’t get to watch a movie this weekend. Instead I watch the first three episodes of Being Human. And now I can’t watch anymore because BBC iPlayer doesn’t have them uploaded. Only the first three (which I would have thought would have long gone and be replaced with the final few episodes!). Which […]



Imagine my surprise when I logged on today and found out the lovely Leetid has left a comment saying she’s given me an award. Such a darling! In order to receive this award I have to list 7 things I love then pass it on to 7 blogs I love. 1. Gadgets. Laptop, mobile phone, […]

Happiness is…


Happiness is… Looking down at my ring finger and seeing my stunning engagement ring and feeling so very loved. Peering out of the window and seeing the sun shining and daffodils in bloom. Blindly stumbling through life and following a path full of unexpected twists and turns. Spending time with those who love you unconditionally. […]

Over so soon


So it’s Monday again, huh? The weeks are going really quickly this year. Can you believe it’s the 13th week of the year already? I had a bit of a productive weekend though. Firstly I ended up looking for a decent bathroom cabinet because it looks like we will be getting our new bathroom sorted […]

Bring on Spring


In case you hadn’t noticed, recently my entries have a been a little on the grumpy, moody, contemplative and down right I’mhavingabadday side. You hadn’t noticed? You obviously don’t read my blog enough. Shame on you! But because good old Google has told me it’s the first day of Spring (already?) I’ve decided to try […]

This isn’t meant to be a ‘poor me’ entry, but it is meant to be a brutally honest ‘get real Claire’ post, and it’s probably all over the place due to my brain’s inability to have one train of thought. I’m feeling pretty left out. Like I’m missing out on things and being kpet out […]

Lazy Days


Ok, so I need to write a post. I’ve been lazy. Forgive me? Friday night I was up late watching a charity show that runs yearly. It was pretty good this year. So good I ended up staying awake way past my bedtime. Plus I was waiting for Mark to come over from his mates. […]