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For some reason this song has been going through my head ALL day! Advertisements

Random thoughts


I’m so tired, it’s unbelievable. I’ve had a bad day all round. I woke up late, the shower still isn’t working and I realised that when I got to work I just didn’t care about it anymore. My brain is totally fried. Have some random thoughts whizzing through my head right now: I really need […]

Rumour has it that our favourite 80 year old bachelor has finally grabbed himself a girlfriend! The main question is: Which lucky lady has picked the sweetest man in the world off the shelf? I have some sources who tell me the sweethearts said ‘I do’ to celebrate Bertie’s 80th birthday and the launch of […]



Thank God it’s Friday. I don’t think I could have coped with another day in the week. I am absolutely shattered, starving hungry. And my bum hurts. I get to see Mark tomorrow though, so that’s great. It’ll be all snuggles and warmth for me. I miss him like mad when I don’t get to […]

Gym session tonight. I was kind of avoiding it, since I haven’t really done my old workout given to me by the Personal Trainer since before I flew off to New York. I have still being going to the gym, perhaps not as consistently, what with their refurbishment and bad weather and sickness at my […]

I want to see Confessions of a Shopaholic but have no one to go with. Seriously! I lack friends. So, who wants to come? It seems that most people have heard of the Shopaholic series of books from Sophie Kinsella. I’ve read them all and seriously loved the series. Witty, funny and you just couldn’t […]

Two entries in one day, eh? I’m spoiling you! Because I’ve not really had a clue about what to write today, I stole this from the lovely Sleepyjane. How it works: Each “question” you have to answer with a song. 1. Open your ipod/iphone/itunes/mp3 player 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For […]