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The boss thinks I don’t do anything at work. That I have lots of slack time, and probably just sit around filing my nails. How can I prove to a complete and utter bastard that I’m not like that, that I work bloody hard and I’m not as thick as he thinks? I’m tempted to […]

I’m sick to death of being lonely. Being picked on because of my weight and height. Being made a laughing stock of at work. Having no friends. Getting upset easily. Being fat. I’m sick to death of having to defend myself. Being boring. Having an attitude. Being naive and just wanting to be an all […]

6 years


I’ve been slacking again, haven’t I? To be honest, I’ve been so tired from working 10+ hours a day that when I get home the last thing I want to do is update here, but today I got home earlier and had some time to chill and… I’m here! Work has been odd the last […]

Question Time!


Yesterday I rather timidly put my hand up and asked for some questions from the lovely Sleepyjane. Today I received them. Don’t expect any witty answers! Here you go: 1. If you could choose any talent to be blessed with, anything at all, what would it be and why? Hmm, a talent? I’d love to […]

On the up


I’m feeling much better, thanks. I stayed all warm and cozy at home on Tuesday and finally braved it in to the cold today. I still a little sick but not as much as I did at the weekend. Work seems to be changing and there are lots of secret closed door meetings. We are […]

I’m sick!


Ok, so the weekend seemed to disappear very quickly. Mainly because I felt sick through most of it. And still do. I was sent home from work this morning because they thought I may have the Winter vomiting virus that’s going round at the minute. Nice. I still feel as rough as a badgers bum, […]