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It’s time to end yet another year. To say goodbye to 2008 and say hello and welcome to 2009. Time just seems to go so quick now and I feel like I don’t get to appreciate all I could do. I seem to live for work instead of working to live, and I despise that […]




Christmas 2008


Just a quickie to say that Christmas this year was pretty good. Not only did I get to spend my first Christmas Day with Mark (he’s always been working!) but there weren’t any arguments between my family. There were lots of presents handed round and lots of yummy food to be eaten. I received some […]

Christmas Eve


And that means only one sleep to go until Santa arrives. I’ll be spending tomorrow with my family and Mark will be joining us in the day. Boxing Day will be us lot again but with my other sister and her boyfriend too. A full house so I hope there won’t be too many arguments. […]

Allow me this


You know, sometimes it would just be nice if people could be happy for me. My mum is happy that I’m engaged but she’s not the type of person to go overboard with excitement. My sisters are useless. The oldest one seems happy, but again she is like my mum. And then there is the […]

I’m Engaged!


Yep, I’m back and you read right. I am now officially engaged to Mark. The holiday was fantastic and I really really really want to go back again. And we will. I had a great time, although walking for 8 hours a day was so tiring and we still didn’t get to do everything we […]

So tomorrow is the day. I’ll be leaving at 3.15pm but having been up since 6am, I don’t think I’ll be awake through much of the flight. Or will I? Sometimes nerves and excitement get the better of me and I’m as hyper as a little 6 year old. I can’t wait. I’m excited, but […]