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Happy Halloween



Must do better. I admit it, I’ve been lazy and just not bothered to update because there isn’t anything to say. Well not much. Same old, same old over here. Apart from I somehow managed to answer my phone in my sleep last night and speak to Mark, none of which I remember! Senile dementia […]

So, I’m here. I’ve been busy of late although it’s nothing interesting, just working late and going to the gym. Yes, I’m still going. I’ve finished my 12 weeks experience and have now joined up for personal training, so I can now say I have my own personal trainer who is working me very very […]

Over Here!


Hey, I’m still about. I haven’t rolled off the face of the earth. Just I’m having a very busy week. Friday is the only day I don’t have anything planned that doesn’t involve going to the gym, working late or going to a pre-wedding make up thing (which was tonight) so I’m looking forward to […]

So, I was right. I went shopping and didn’t find any clothes I liked to use my vouchers and I didn’t find a car. Maybe I’m being too picky. I know exactly the colour, style, reg and everything that I want. So basically if I want my car then I’ll have to buy a new […]