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I feel like I should be doing something productive, but let me tell you people, production is at an all time low over here. I’ve been super busy all week at work, going in early and staying late every day and tomorrow looks to be exactly the same. Today I didn’t even get lunch but […]

I have a confession. I didn’t go to see The Dark Knight in the end, instead we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Mark had recently bought it on DVD and after watching over 2 hours of that we just didn’t feel like going and sitting down to watch another very long film. […]

I’m slacking on my posts, but I still don’t have much to write about. This week is a Bank Holiday weekend, which I’m loving as I’ll be spending it with Mark. He’s coming to get me tomorrow morning, we’ll do a little shopping and we may go to watch The Dark Knight in the evening […]

All I seem to do is work, sleep, eat, work sleep, eat. See there’s a pattern forming there? I’m sick to death with my job. I’m constantly busy, running round like a headless chicken and I barely have time to do my work let alone pee. Fed up and bored do not express my feelings […]

Keep on moving


“I don’t know who invented the high heel, but all women owe him a lot” – Marilyn Monroe How is everyone? I’ve been quiet for a while, just because I’m busy. Not enjoying myself though, busy at work. I’m tired when I’m home and rarely come online. How bad is that? Few things have happened […]

In the wrong


Sometimes I don’t know what to do. Whatever I do is not right, I cause more trouble, more problems than there were before. Is there some point in everyone’s life that a switch is flicked and everything just becomes fine? You grow up, mature, stop arguing and behave. Whatever I say is wrong, I cause […]

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to be tagged by SleepyJane. And in her words “Complete the sentence… I’m given a start so I just have to fill it in.” I am: Bored. I think: I want something to eat. I know: I need a shower. I have: Blonde hair. I wish: I had more […]