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Counting down


Did you know that 6 weeks today it will be my 25th birthday? And what will I be doing on September 11th? Working probably. Boring! I’ve been asked to think of things for presents and I’m searching the dark depths of my brain and I just can’t think of one single item. Is this bad? […]

Guilt trip


I’ve been neglecting this blog, and neglecting all of you. So so sorry. I find that I don’t have anything of interest to write about these days. All I do is eat, sleep, work and gym – hardly exciting is it? You don’t want to hear about work or how sweaty I get at the […]

I’m so tired I’m lost for words. Last week was a nightmare and this week already looks to end up the same way. Problems are happening, not being sorted out and my boss and I end up getting told off or sorting them out before the head honcho finds out. New Girl is getting annoying […]



Not too much to say, I’m afraid. Work has been plodding along nicely, Mark and I are getting on well, I’ve finished reading yet another book and I’ve spent a lot of my time down the gym. My waist is looking great! I’m still around – although I haven’t really read any updates recently. I’ll […]

Hunky Dory


Everything seems to be fine now. Work was a little strained today but I think that’s because I have taken a dislike to New Girl and the boss was back in and getting to grips with all her work. I was a little worried how the day would go, but the boss is fine with […]

I think I’ve gone and put my foot in it. The boss is off work this week and so I’ve been doing her work plus my own, and basically doing New Girl’s work too. Tough job, but someones gotta do it, right? Then today I threw a strop. I’d done my work and given the […]