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A new chapter


And so, tomorrow it begins. A new chapter in my life. Something I’ve wanted for a while, I’ve moaned about for years. It’s finally come. Tomorrow night I have my gym induction. My first taste of the gym. I’ll face my fears and and have my problems spelt out to me. I will know what […]

I have finally gone out and bought a top for this engagement party next weekend. I still don’t want to go but am being dragged along for the sake of it. I suppose it might be ok in the end. Anyways, yesterday I nipped in to town to find something to wear with the new […]



I did have a better yesterday, thank you. I received a card from the guy saying sorry. He held up a white flag and looked sorry. He gave me hug and we’ve made up. I forgive him. He really didn’t realise how bad I felt about my body and he really didn’t mean to offend […]

The final blow


Today has been a hard day. I’ve been upset, I’ve cried at work, I’ve hated myself. This guy at work has been a bit of a pain the past few weeks, since I began swimming and going to Aquafit really. He has been having little digs about my weight. We usually have friendly banter. He […]

So, guess what? I am now a gym member. I went today after work and signed up. For 12 months. That’s how serious I am. I have my membership card sitting in front of me and I have a date with Jason, my personal trainer, set for Tuesday 1st July. It’ll just be a health […]

I just don’t seem to get the time to update anymore. And it’s not like I’m particularly busy. I just potter about, the time disappears and then because I have work the next day I have nothing to do but throw myself in to my bed. Grr. Work has been shit this week, a very […]

Keeping busy


Phew! What a weekend. I’ve been busy! Friday Mark came round and stayed at mine because I’d got a hair appointment on the Saturday morning. I had more of my hair chopped off so it’s now slightly shorter than my chin and I’ve now got layers instead of the one heavy length. It feels so […]