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Glitter Crazy


So, I have been tagged with a sparkly gift by the lovely Gracey and have been picked as one of her featured friends. *smiles* I’ll keep this going and tag you: Becca SleepyJane Sharon Gena Thank you girls, for being great blog friends and always having some lovely words to say. Lets see if we […]

I’m having to find me a swimsuit and I have to have it by the 9th June. Yes girls, I’m going to actually do some exercise in the form of Aqua Aerobics. Yippee! Me and 2 girls from work (the admin team) are going to start going. It sounds fun. It looks fun. It’s just […]

Non stop


Oh yeah, I’m back. Call that search party back in! I haven’t had the chance to do an update since last weekend, but I can’t really think of much to say about my hugely uneventful week off. Monday we did indeed go to a local town and see some cars. I’ve decided I really do […]

Out and about


So I’m off for the next week. Mark’s official holiday is just finishing and mine hasn’t even begun. This weekend has been pretty good so far. Saturday we went out for lunch with my family for my dad’s birthday back in April. At the beginning of April he’d had an operation on his foot which […]

Y’know. Work has been hectic and I’m really tired. I’ve spent the past couple of days running around trying to cram all my work in to go help the new girl, who as lovely as she is, isn’t as quick at doing things (I want to push her out of the way and do it […]

Take a peek


See what the AWESOME SleepyJane sent me?? I got the package this morning, I’d been expecting it but not what I found inside. I knew I won the handmade gift competition a little while ago, but was not prepared for what I actually received. Thank you so much!! There are so many goodies and wonderful […]

I won’t post a proper entry because I’m feeling a little down over a few issues I have. It’s nothing you all haven’t heard before, but I’ve been left reeling again after a couple of things. My self-esteem has been dented and I feel a little out of sorts. Plus, it’s not fair to make […]