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Indeed, that is how it feels. Like a huge big, giant weight has been taken from my shoulders and tossed aside. I no longer have to worry about it. That weight was Becky. In some very weird way I feel I can get on with my life without having to watch my step, mind my […]



I’m still on the cat duties, although Wednesday night will be my last visit. It can’t come round quick enough. I love Harley, but looking after someone else’s house and cat is quite a big responsibility – what would happen if I didn’t lock up properly and the house got broken in to? Plus, the […]

On the go


Well folks, I am still around, I’ve just been a little busy looking after the cat and trying to fit in my other usual bits and pieces I do of an evening. But at least it’s Friday tomorrow and soon the weekend. Although it’s set to be a busy one; feeding Harley, getting my hair […]

I’m quickly getting quite a bad headache. It’s been gradually getting worse all afternoon and all I want to do is have a snooze. This week looks as if it may be a good one. I was given a pay rise. The boss called me in to his office this morning and told me how […]

Kitty Sitting


This is the little one I’ll be kitty sitting next week. Her name is Harley, named because her purr is so loud. She’s a really gorgeous, sweet and affectionate 3 year old, and I don’t mind looking after her at all. I’ve already been round there this weekend because her owner asked me to. She […]

I won!


It’s Friday. It’s the start of the weekend. No work for two days – at last. What am I going to do with the next couple of days? Not a damn thing. I think it’ll be another lazy weekend, with me slobbing around and sleeping too much. My day has just got a whole lot […]

I’m still in lala-land and have nothing to write that is important. I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself. I keep getting knocked back whenever I try to make a go of things, whatever they might be, however small. I’m trying to do something for myself but all I seem to do is get […]