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The end of January and I haven’t updated all week! For once the dreaded first month of the year seems to have passed really quickly. For me at least. I’m still feeling really tired, even more so this week. It’s really getting me down and probably another reason I feel really upset today. I want […]

Lazy days


This weekend has been, as usual, one of laziness. For the past week or two I’ve been feel so lethargic, I just want to sleep all the time and this weekend was no exception. It’s getting to the point I’m beginning to wonder if something’s wrong, I’m not usually this bad. I just don’t have […]



Just because I’m feeling good today, and this video always makes me happy.



I’ve been having a think about this whole Becky situation, it really doesn’t bother me or effect me when she starts moaning at and about other people, but who is she to project her opinion so forcefully on to others? She is an insignificant 20 year old receptionist who we work with, not a friend, […]



On January 22, 2008, Ledger was found dead in his fourth-floor apartment at 421 Broome Street in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York City. According to police, housekeeper Teresa Solomon had arrived at approximately 12:30 p.m. EST to do household chores, entered the bedroom at about 1 p.m. to change a light bulb in the […]

Dowdy me


Work has been okay this week. There have been some ups and downs with a couple of 20 year olds acting more like they are 3, bickering and sniping at each other. I’ve just kept my head down and got on with my own stuff. There was a problem where we order some supplies in […]

Yuck. Work. We got the contract so it means it’s likely I’ll still have a job in 3 months time. Lots of paper work to set up in the coming months but at least it will keep me occupied instead of shuffling through Facebook at work every day. Thankfully we got 70% of the work […]