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All good things


Just a quick entry to say Christmas this year was good, even if I haven’t received all of my presents yet. I’ll have my second Christmas day on Saturday when Mark turns up and we swap all our goodies. There were no family arguments or tantrums, and no really bad or unwanted presents. Everything went […]

All sorted


The Friday before Christmas, and what do I have to say for myself? The answer is not a lot really. Most people have finished for work until the New Year. I haven’t. Having said that, I expected to work everyday except the Bank Holidays but instead have been given both the Thursday and New years […]

On my last entry I was asked who the bitchy receptionist was in the photos. Let me introduce you to the girls I work with. Working from left to right as you see the picture we have Charlotte, Juliet, Me, Becky, Jacque. Charlotte is the girl I didn’t think I would like but have become […]

I think it’s time for a photo entry. Plus I don’t really have anything else to write about, so here is me in all my finery. Sorry to those who’ve already seen it! Mark and I. And again. The girls. Waiting around. Me.

Bah humbug


Oops. No entry for a good week or so, but I haven’t had much to say. The christmas party was brilliant, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun at a “social” thing. You know me, I don’t really do outings and such. My dress looked okay (I think) and I felt […]

Fabulous night


Just a quick entry to let you all know how last night went. After forgetting the tickets (and then finding out we didn’t actually need them) everything went well. A little rushed for time when getting ready but I looked pretty decent, my hair was up, my make up on and Mark looked damn smart […]