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I’ve been on a bit of a high and feeling the excitement for next weekend. I’m such a big kid at heart. It was freezing out this morning and didn’t really want to go and collect my dress, I wanted to stay wrapped up inside my bed and sleep forever. All that was missing was […]

The countdown


This time next week I will be in a panic. Sorting my things out (and Mark’s) ready to go to our Christmas party on the Saturday. It’s really rolled round quick. Still, I have a week to get organised. I need to be because the following week I’m off work and going straight from the […]

Spending spree


I’ve just gone and spent an awful lot of money, and made myself broke in the process, to buy Mark a Christmas present. I can’t say what it is in case he reads this, but I know it’s something he will like and hopefully will love me forever for!! It was kind of a spur […]

Ahh, the weekend.. But it’s over and work resumes tomorrow. It’s only 10 working days until my christmas do and I really don’t care now. Ok, my body is flabby and my arms practically allow me to fly but I’m happy. I’m picking the dress up next week and letting somebody play with my hair, […]

I’d thought I’d give you all a little taster of exactly how little I do at work. Wednesdays are my busiest day, the rest of the week I sit and twiddle my thumbs and wait for work to be given to me. 08:30 – I arrive at work, turn my computer on, open the blinds […]