101 in 1001

One-Hundred and One Things in One-Thousand and One Days

MY 101:
Start date: 04/04/09.
End date: 31/12/11.

In progress

1. Wear contacts for a week.
2. Start planning my wedding.
3. Moisturise my body daily for a month.
4. Read all the Harry Potter books. (0/7)
5. Travel to another country.
6. Enter a competition.
7. Get a drawer full of pretty, supportive and fitting bras!
8. Save £1 for each completed task.
9. Redesign my bedroom.
10. Watch fifty films I haven’t seen. (14/50)
11. Pay off my credit card.
12. See positivity in life.
13. Complete one course.
14. Buy a new car.
15. Treat Mark to ten small gifts. (0/10)
16. Buy an item of clothing that I wouldn’t usually wear.
17. Send flowers to someone (just because).
18. Learn how to tie a tie.
19. Win something.
20. Donate five bags of clothing. (1/5)
21. Take a picture of something that makes me happy thirty times. (0/30)
22. Go to a zoo.
23. Be able to touch my toes.
24. Drive to Mark’s for the weekend at least once.
25. Let my hair grow and actually style it.
26. Clear out Mark’s giant whiskey bottle of change and bank it.
27. Sort out my jewellery boxes.
28. Go to bed before 11pm every night for a week. (0/7)
29. Find some flats I adore and wear them for the Summer.
30. Learn to love myself, warts and all.
31. Grow my nails.
32. Go a day without swearing.
33. Find a new job.
34. Comment on a new blog for five days straight. (0/5)
35. Take a nice photo of the both of us.
36. Buy an expensive designer bag.
37. Have my car cleaned inside and out.
38. Drink two litres of water a day for one week. (0/7)
39. Go a day without being negative.
40. Donate to five charities. (0/5)
41. Create a workout playlist and actually use it.
42. Read thirty books. (10/30)
43. Buy a new watch.
44. Learn to calm down and relax.
45. Donate old books to charity.
46. Treat Mark to a meal out three times. (0/3)
47. See five films at the cinema. (0/5)
48. Earn a payrise.
49. Stop doing overtime;. it’s making me ill.
50. For one month, write a post a day. (0/30)
51. Go to the gym at least twice a week for four weeks. (0/4)
52. Buy flowers for my mum seven times. (1/7)
53. Find a game to play on the Wii with Mark, and beat it together.
54. Revisit New York.
55. Ride in a helicopter.
56. Join a pension scheme.
57. Give up something for the 40 days of Lent. (40/40)
58. Save for a rainy day.
59. Write my name in the sand.
60. Buy the series of Wicked books.
61. Get out of bed before my alarm goes off.
62. Lose weight.
63. Go a month without buying clothes.
64. Ride in a hot air balloon.
65. Give out 15 random compliments. (0/15)
66. This one’s a secret…
67. Accept every compliment I receive for a month.
68. Update my cv.
69. Own a proper pair of Ugg/Emu boots.
70. Purchase something from Etsy.
71. Get new glasses.
72. Learn how to reverse & parallel park properly.
73. Take a self portrait for seven consecutive days. (0/7)
74. Clear out, store well and use my make up.
Decide on a career plan.
76. Find the perfect pair of dark blue jeans.
77. Place a bet.
78. Take a picture of the two of us in a photobooth.
79. Create a joint savings account.
80. Read five classic books. Can be included in #42. (0/5)
81. Go a week without turning the tv on.
82. Go to a theme park.
83. Set up a daily beauty regime.
84. Finish the present for Mark.
Get a suntan.
86. Purchase a desk.
87. Give myself a full manicure once a month for three months. (0/3)
88. Spend a day in London.
89. Go on the London Eye.
90. Repot my cacti and keep them alive for another year.
91. Practice yoga on the Wii.
92. Bake some cupcakes/cookies.
93. Organise and clear out my bookmarked websites.
94. Finish those books.
95. Be able to do 50 push-ups.
96. Own five new pieces of jewellery. (0/5)
97. Have at least 10 regular commentors on my blog.
98. Find a swim suit that I like.
99. Purchase a printer. Finally.
100. Find out who I really am.
101. Finish this list & create a new one!


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